Dozens dead after another major earthquake centered in Nepal

We have been devastated by further news of another earthquake in Nepal. Our hearts go out to the people and urge you to donate what you can to the following aid agencies –

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Dozens dead after another major earthquake centered in Nepal

Just over two weeks after thousands died in a mammoth earthquake, Nepal got hit hard again Tuesday — with another powerful tremor that has left dozens more dead, more than 1,000 injured and questions about what’s next for the already traumatized Asian nation.

The fact that Nepal just endured a similar horror, not to mention waves of aftershocks that followed, didn’t diminish Tuesday’s damage or shock. More buildings collapsed, more landslides rumbled and more people scrambled for their lives.

“For the first seconds, it was complete silence. By the fifth second, everybody started to scream,” said Marc Sarrado, a 41-year-old documentarian from Spain who was in Nepal’s Nuwakot Valley, about two hours northwest of Kathmandu, when the quake hit.
“It was really, really intense. Even when the shaking stopped, people were still screaming. They were completely panicked, because they knew exactly what it was.”

Nepalese police spokesman Kamal Singh Bam said at least 50 people in his country had died as of late Tuesday night. More than 1,260 had been counted as injured at that point, with dozens having been rescued alive from rubble, according to government spokesman Minendra Rijal.

The carnage wasn’t confined to Nepal. China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported that a woman in Tibet died Tuesday afternoon after falling rocks hit her car. At least 17 more people died in northeastern India, according to Indian Home Ministry spokesman Kuldeep Dhatwalia. India’s military was also involved inside Nepal, caring for casualties and flying them by helicopter from the village of Mrigu to Kathmandu.

Another resident of the capital, Mingma Sherpa, said he and his friends jumped out of his car when they felt the earth begin to tremble. They ran with crowds of other people desperately seeking open space in a congested area of Kathmandu where there are few.

The quake also caused a spasm of chaos at Kathmandu’s airport, where Channel News Asia reporter Jack Board filmed hundreds of people running from the building as the ground rumbled.

The Army has asked people to get off the crowded streets in Kathmandu so they can get through, but people are just so traumatised and cant seem to move.  There is very little open space in the city of Kathmandu making access by the emergency workers very difficult.  The oldest and a  major hospital in the Capital has just been demolished by the 2nd quake.

The quake has set off more landslides as the whole region is now unstable. There have been over 150 after shocks since the first quake and originally it was thought this 2nd quake was just another after shock.

Because of the altitude – relief supplies are hard to deliver.  The main highway to China has now been cut.