This is a short list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about Pashmina & Pashmina Passion. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Pashmin Passion.

Pashmina is the very finest, lightest most luxurious natural fibre. It is NOT a garment. In the last decade the word has developed a generic meaning and many people have been misinformed, but the Government of Nepal is taking great steps to set this right.

Your pashmina scarf/shawl has been produced in Kathmandu Nepal, under strict export conditions. All items are hand woven, hand dyed and meticulously checked by hand in the final stages.

We recommend dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the fibres

We recommend dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the fibres

We will notify you by email as soon as possible. Remember that we do have shipments arriving every few months and we will be updating styles, however we will continue importing our core items. We carry a large range of shawls and scarves.

We take great pride in only offering you only the very best quality that we can find. All our shawls and scarves are 100% genuine Pashmina, Cashmere or Silk, or blends of these.

We are the first business in Australia to offer the newly registered Pashmina Hallmark, called “Chyangra Pashmina”, effectively a certificate of guarantee administered by the Government of Nepal. This is our guarantee of the best quality worldwide.

Currently there are only 5 top exporting companies in Nepal that are qualified to use this Hallmark. Each manufacturer has to go through stringent scientific testings of their items.

All items are numbered and can be traced back to the manufacturer. No manufacturer outside the country of Nepal is eligible to use this Hallmark. This Hallmark is currently recognised in 35 countries, Australia being one of them. The Government of Nepal is following an ongoing process of having more countries recognise this valuable Hallmark.

We feel privileged to offer these fine quality shawls to you.

In addition we have sourced cashmere/ silk and linen shawls from one of the best quality manufacturers in Northern India.

All our suppliers have a proven history in the export market.

Owing to peculiar processes of production of Pashmina shawls you may find variation in the size. However, we ensure that the variation in size, in no case, is more than 5%.

100% Pashmina means that all the fibre content of the shawl is pure Pashmina. The fibre can vary in volume and the finer it is the looser the weave in order to give the garment structure.

70/30 or 80/20 simply means that the greater number is Pashmina fibre mixed with either 30 or 20% silk used in the “warp” or length wise thread.
100% Pashmina is lighter and warmer than the silk blends and can vary from medium weight to something as thin as air itself. It is very, very soft with a “buttery” feel.

The silk blend will offer a sheen, stronger fibre, characteristic drape and tassels. It is simply a matter of personal preference and we can offer both to you.

Just email us and we will send you an informative information sheet on Pashmina fibres that have been used for hundreds of years in the Himalayan Mountains.