Brisbane Woman On A Mission To Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

This is a great story of Susan Welch an Australian woman that is now helping her friends and Nepali family were hard hit by the 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 and again by the 7.4 quake on May 12. They are in Nuwakot usually reachable in 90 mins from Kathmandu. Now it takes 4 hours due to damaged roads and landslides. Their district suffered major damage in both earthquakes, Nuwakot is one of the worst affected areas in the middle of both major quakes. Susan is from Brisbane Australia and got airlifted from the first quake and is raising funds to help arrange what will get them immediately into shelter, communication and ease some of their injuries.

You can visit her fundraising site by clicking on this link –

Caroline and the team at Pashmina Passion