Orphan children lose home in Nepal quake

We continue to see the devastation emerge from Nepal as authorities, aid agencies and media gain access to remote villages and continue the clean up in Kathmandu.

Here are some of the latest updates and stories of despair coming from the BBC –

Nepal quake: Couple from Gorkha district get ‘no support’


Orphan children lose home in Nepal quake


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Other Stories

Nepal earthquake: The babies born in wake of disaster

7 May 2015 Last updated at 07:39 BST

Hundreds of babies have been born in Nepal since the earthquake there that killed 7000.
In some instances, mothers gave birth in field hospitals or makeshift facilities.
The UN estimates that some 126,000 pregnant women have been affected by the earthquake.
The BBC’s Neha Sharma met two new mothers at a hospital in Kathmandu.

Nepal earthquake: Britain gives shelter to 65,000 displaced people

6 May 2015

Nepal earthquake aftermath

The focus in Nepal has moved to getting emergency aid to the country following the earthquake.

Britain has provided emergency shelter to more than 65,000 displaced people in Nepal, the government has said.

It is planning to send nearly 20,000 more shelters as aid agencies deliver emergency supplies to those displaced by the earthquake of 25 April.

The international development secretary said the majority of shelter kits were in place before the earthquake hit.

This meant temporary homes were provided to thousands within 24 hours of the quake, Justine Greening added.

Ms Greening also praised the UK’s search and rescue workers for “saving many lives”.

‘Temporary homes’

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, triggering avalanches and mudslides and reducing whole villages to rubble.

The death toll has hit 7,500 and is continuing to climb.

At least one Briton died in the tragedy while others remain unaccounted for.

The UN estimates that eight million people have been affected by the earthquake while 2.8 million people have been displaced by it.

International Development Secretary Justine Greening said: “Our pre-positioned shelter kits meant that within 24 hours of the earthquake British aid was reaching communities who had been hit hard and providing temporary homes to thousands of people across Nepal.

“Ahead of the monsoon season, we are delivering thousands more to help the Nepalese people cope as they recover from this tragic disaster.”