Men’s Scarves and Pashminas – The Trend This Season

Men's Scarves and Pashminas

We have had a growing number of men ordering our beautiful Pashmina scarves over the last few weeks so we thought it timely to write a post about how you can get the look that celebrities like David Beckham, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhaal are going for not only in winter but all year round.

A Pashmina scarf is a versatile accessory that should be part of any man’s wardrobe. One of the men on the team here at Pashmina Passion wears a Pashmina scarf throughout the winter and autumn months and even on those cooler spring days and it’s amazing how many comments he gets saying how good it looks from the opposite sex. So not only does a Pashmina scarf increase your sex appeal it is also practical, keeping you warm on those cooler days throughout the year!

Men’s Scarves and Pashminas – How to get the look this season

If you are considering purchasing a Pashmina Scarf for your wardrobe or for your man’s wardrobe we have a few tips for you –

Make sure the scarf is long enough, you need to be able to wrap it a couple of times making sure the ends are about tie length once wrapped. It’s not going to look that hot if it is just a bundle around your neck!

When choosing colours, consider your wardrobe, particularly the types of shirts of you have. If you have shirts that are mostly block colours then go for a Pashmina scarf with some colours that compliment your shirt tones – a stripped Pashmina Scarf looks great with a block shirt.

If you have shirts that are patterned then you really need to consider the colour of your Pashmina scarf so you don’t end up looking like a rainbow, any sex appeal you may have gained by adorning yourself with this great accessory will just be thrown out the window!

Our other tips are to stay away from girly patterned Pashmina scarves like paisley as that will again kill your sex appeal and tying your Pashmina in a knot looks great.

A Pashmina scarf is a great accessory for your wardrobe and also an investment as it will last for years it properly cared for.

So if you are up for getting your sex appeal on (or your mans) this season , take a look at our Men’s Scarves and Pashminas Category in our online store. Don’t forget, if you have any questions give us a call on 0408 587 974 or send an email to