How to buy a genuine Pashmina

This is a very important question to ask yourself, particularly when so many companies are offering Pashminas from as low as $6.00 or offering 100% Pashminas that are only made of acrylic.


Yes it can be very difficult for the inexperienced buyer.  Below are some tips that will help you make an informed decision.

1. There is no such thing as a cheap genuine Pashmina. Pashmina as you may already know, is the fine wool of the underbelly of the small CHYANGRA mountain goat. It takes the fleece of 3 goats to make one pure pashmina shawl. These goats live in very high, very remote areas and are not in plentiful supply, so there is a limit to fine quality, pure pashmina and it is considered a luxury fibre.

If its cheap – it will be a fake. It is said that if you pay under $100 for a pashmina shawl, then it is likely to be a cheap blend, or some other synthetic that feels soft.

2. Beware of copies – read the label! These days there are many copies from countries like Thailand. Since these goats only live in Himalaya mountains there is no way you will be getting a genuine pashmina from Thailand.  There are numerous web sites from Thailand promoting the sale of genuine Pashmina but buyer beware. If buying online or instore from even respected retailers they may have Pashminas that are not pure. Read all the information very carefully. The latest we found was from an online UK retailer that offers very good pure pashmina shawls – only when you look hard you will find they are made of acrylic instead!

Do remember though that these are not all fly by nights – there are some reputable retail outlets as well.

3. Genuine, high quality Pashmina shawls and scarves that are the very best from Nepal will all carry the CHYANGRA Hallmark – only afforded to a few well respected manufacturers.


We offer a large range of Pashmina Shawls and Scarves that carry the Chyangra Hallmark.

We are a dedicated seller of Pashminas from a number of manufacturers, therefore we can offer you the best choice. We do not import from just one producer.

Our mission is to provide the best selection of the finest quality Pashminas from Nepal to our customers and provide the best service to our customers to give them the best experience.

We can offer speedy delivery in every state of Australia as we have stock right here in Australia.  We use Australian Post express Bags for all Pashminas and custom made boxes and Australia Post for all our Panama hats.


When you buy from us there will be no call centre to answer your queries.  We offer one on one advisory service as we love to help people make the choice that suits them. It makes us happy when you are happy. For people living in Brisbane and looking for that Pashmina for a special occasion, we can offer a viewing, so you can touch, feel and match up with your favoured outfit.