Trip to Kathmandu – 9th April 2013

We are off to Kathmandu again in the next couple of weeks. Really love the buzz of this fascinating city with its mix of spiritualism, traditional cultures, western style and engagingly friendly people.

Nepal is the home of our exclusive Pashmina Shawls and Kathmandu is the centre where we see it all happen. We will have over a week of bouncing around on unmade holey streets, dust, dogs and streams of traffic everywhere. Kathmandu has had a population explosion over the last decade and this is providing the Government with an enormous challenge to provide all the infrastructure required.

We can’t wait to see those dyeing vats, the weavers, the spinners and all the people associated with making these luxurious shawls. Also I am hoping like mad to have the chance to race off into the foothills and find one of these extraordinary goats who supply this magical fine wool. Light as a feather and warm as toast.

This will be another great adventure – so follow us on face book and see the story unfolding.

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