Looking After Your Beautiful Pashmina

Your Pashmina is an investment in your wardrobe and we recommend that you only have it dry cleaned. Read the following tips your Pashmina will be an investment to your wardrobe that will last for years and years!

Pashmina Caring DO’s:

WASHING: If you find you do need to remove a stain from your Pashmina we strongly recommend having it professionally dry cleaned. However if you do need to remove a stain follow the wash instructions using on WOOL MIX or BABY SHAMPOO. Never use general washing machine powders or liquids. Wash it in cool water as you would any cashmere garment. Do not soak in water as the dyes used are very delicate.

DRYING: To Dry, place shawl on a towel and roll up together to squeeze out excess water. Place the Pashmina on a flat surface and lightly stretch it to its original shape, but make sure not to let it just hang there, because this will stretch the fabric, and of course you don’t want a mis-shapen Pashmina lying around  Allow the shawl to air dry completely.

IRONING: Being a natural fibre and if they have been stored correctly your Pashmina should not have many wrinkles. If you do need to iron it use the silk setting on your iron and follow the directions. Do not iron it directly always use a cloth between the iron and Pashmina.

STORAGE: Store your Pashmina as you would with a precious pashmina or fine wool garment. For storage fold your Pashmina or pack them neatly in tissue paper or plastic bag and store them in cupboard away from light, dust and dampness. To keep moths away, the first important thing is to make sure the shawl is clean before long-time storage.

Pashmina Caring DON’TS:

  • Do not wear  next to rough clothing, metal necklaces, bracelets, belts, velcro and rough leather items.
  • Your Pashmina should not pill at all if cared for correctly.
  • Do not put it in the washing machine. Hand wash only if essential we strongly recommend dry cleaning only.
  • Do not pull the fibres if they snag – gently stretch the affected area so the thread will fall back in place